Business Website

Business Website

Building a business website is important to inform your audience, explain your value proposition, boost brand recognition and drive sales.

Our business website is a complete system that’s crafted to attract, nurture and convert your website visitors into customers. Our business website package is ideal for any business or organization that seeks to meet their goals through any of the following; bookings, registrations, order placing, general inquiries,  blog subscriptions or increase in physical visits to shop or office.

  • Business Website
    • Simplified Storytelling

      A website enables simplified brand storytelling for your business or organization. The different sections and various content types offer an interesting and compelling ability to immerse your prospective customers into your brand. Clever use of the “About us” page, photos used in the website, incorporating video, help from loyal customers through testimonials and in blog posts.

      Works Well Across Devices

      Great User Experience simply known as UX is the difference between success and failure online. The design and layout of website content should work towards meeting the need of your website visitors first. The user-experience across devices should be uniform and simple. Our business websites are designed to achieve the highest UX for your target audience.

      Easy To Make Improvements

      Analyzing a website on a regular basis is a must to improve traffic and conversions. Using tools like Google analytics helps in improving site design and content. This process becomes simpler with our business websites as they’re built on WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

      Package Details

      • Standard Website (Home, about us, services, gallery, blog, contact us – 30 pages max)
      • Customer Journey Mapping
      • Copywriting
      • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
      • Free Domain Registration/Transfer
      • Free Website Hosting (1yr)
      • Email Accounts/Live Chat/WhatsApp Integration
      • Search Engine Optimized Website
      • Contact/Booking/Registration/Order form
      • Image gallery/Portfolio
      • Social Media Integration
      • Website Security (SSL & Website backup)
      • Google Analytics Integration
      • Custom Digital Marketing Strategy

      *If you want to add an online shop and receive direct online payments through the website, you can consider taking up the E-Commerce Website.

      *If you need to add an online shop but receive payments offline, you can consider taking up the Catalog Website.

      If you have any questions or need clarification, don’t hesitate to chat with us on WhatsApp or to give us a call on 0722 438 481.

      Package Cost

      Ksh 120,000 (easy payment options)
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