Catalog Website Design

Catalog Website

A catalog website gives you all the benefits of an ecommerce website except for online payments processing. This might be helpful if you’d want your customers to experience the convenience of an online shop and be able to place product orders, or book or request for quote.

There are many reasons you may not want to take customers money upfront depending on your business model or processes. With a catalog website, you’ll never lose an order and it provides you the opportunity to interact further with the customer so that you’re able to give them a unique personal experience.

  • Catalog Website
    • Give customers more options

      A catalog website enables you to provide more options to your customers such as place an order, book or request a quote and provides you an opportunity to address any barriers that may drive a customer away.

      Faster & Affordable to implement

      An ecommerce website with online payment integration requires more work and resources to implement and maintain. Your customers will be parting with their money before they receive the goods or services and these requires that you put in place proper systems and structures to earn their trust. A catalog website requires less resources and building trust with customers is easier.

      Excellent Starting Point

      If you’re starting out, a catalog website may give you the fastest route to test and grow your business with minimal input in terms of time and resources. You still get to give your customers a good online shopping experience and without compromising your sales.

      Package Details

      • Business Website with online shop and ability to process orders
      • Up to 200 products (you can add more afterwards)
      • Free domain registration/transfer
      • Free website hosting (1yr)
      • Email accounts/Live Chat/WhatsApp Integration
      • Search Engine Optimized Website
      • Catalog shop
      • Custom Forms (Booking/Registration/Order/Contact)
      • Social Media Integration
      • Website Security (SSL & Website backup)
      • Google Analytics Integration

      Package Cost

      Ksh 120,000 (easy payment options)
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