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Online Learning/Courses Website

Education is increasingly imparted online, especially through WordPress LMS websites. The availability of continually improving Learning Management Systems or LMS on platforms like WordPress has made it possible for educators to go online and teach.

  • Online Learning/Courses Website
    • Multiple Lesson Types

      Don’t stick to the one type of lesson. Take advantage of the options provided. Our online learning websites are developed with a well-defined approach in mind. And the main point of this is to make it diverse. As a result, you have three variations of lessons to work with: video, slides, and text.

      Inbuilt Zoom Video Conferencing

      Enjoy the flexibility of the powerful features of Zoom Web Conferencing and get access directly through your online learning website thanks to Zoom integration. Tutors can enhance their virtual programs by allowing their learners to access high-quality video sessions through desktop and mobile. Create and manage Zoom Meetings directly from the website!


      Add two types of assignments to lessons: uploads and essays. Check student’s work, grade their performance and leave notes. Give them more freedom to boast of their knowledge.

      Student Forum

      Build your online forum, a special community where students can share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with the studies, have a good chat or get advice from their peers.

      Content Drip

      Lock lessons sequentially, do not provide access to the second lesson until the completion of the first one or set up your own sequence. Customize the sequence of lessons and sections according to your needs.


      Analyze statistics about the students: who attend, who complete the course and who have passed the quizzes. Conduct a thorough review of students’ quiz results, check their answers, and identify the possible pitfalls. Take the detailed review and detect the gaps in their knowledge, so you could initiate lesson revision if needed.

      More Features

      • LMS Admin UI/UX
      • Frontend Course Builder
      • Lesson Types (Video, Slides, Text)
      • Quiz Settings
      • Certificate Builder
      • Students Management
      • Group Courses
      • Private Messaging
      • Zoom Conference
      • Live Streams
      • BuddyPress
      • Udemy Affiliate
      • Google Classrooms
      • Drip Content
      • Course Bundles
      • Monetize
      • Payment methods
      • Statistics and Payouts
      • Point System

      Package Cost

      Starts from Ksh 250,000
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      front-end course builder
      user friendly interface
      multiple lesson types
      zoom video conferencing integration
      advanced quizzes
      question types
      easy to use lms backend
      grade book
      drip content
      point system
      students forum and social network
      group courses
      student management